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Queer Surfaces

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Slanted House Zine Issue #2 exhibition and launch event.

An exhibition featuring artwork by Ruhi Parmar Amin and Ekaterina Costa.

Readings and performances featuring Zoe Darsee, B Duncan, Coco Fitterman, Shiv Kotecha, Natalie Mariko and Anton Dechand.


October 2018

Hopscotch Reading Room

Kurfürstenstraße 14, Berlin, Germany.

"What even is a queer surface? The definition of the word ‘surface’ and of the word ‘queer’, as applying to one’s spatio-temporal surroundings, brings into question the very bedrock of a contemporary urban existence and placement; a state oscillating between the multi-faceted interiors of a domestic environment, the intangible digital blank page and the ponderous layered industrial facades down in the streets. We squint, glance and gaze at these myriad surfaces angled in foreground, we look into the untold meanings beneath these surfaces. 

Slanted House analyzes what a ‘queer surface’ is by pivoting the use of both ‘queer’ and ‘surface’ from nouns to verbs. We delve into the complex layers of identity, inbetween-ness, memory and dispersed locality. We use our bodies, our touch and our sight to engage in a praxis that attempts to shift conventional dialogues we have with surfaces. Like cartographers, as we ricochet into uncharted understandings; we not only construct new foundations but also leave trails of our pre-existing perceptions. A map of fractured borders. 

A queer surface is one where the subject challenges traditional use of space and time as a way to proliferate interlocutors - in whispers, in glances, in signs or in words. These surfaces reflect the transitory nature that art and writing have assumed in contemporary culture: as impermanent words in an unsaved document or as an ephemeral tag on the yellow rush of an u-bahn door. Queer surfaces are not limited to the flimsy articulations that language offers, they are the unnamed entities we search to define in our work."

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