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These Here Spilt Voices


Slanted House exhibition and Zine Issue #1 launch event.

 An exhibition featuring artwork by Ruhi Parmar Amin, Ellinor Aurora, Larissa Barddal Fantini, Charlie Clark, B Duncan, Walker Greene, Malique Lee, Sarah Maxwell, Judy McNicol, Tom Moore, Elizabeth Ravn and Marcus Scott Williams.


February 2018

Circle 1 Gallery

Mittenwalder Str. 47, Berlin, Germany

"We crack open the conventional white cube as we celebrate a chaotic fury of multi-medium work that faces the question: 

what does it mean to be a contemporary subject?

Each piece in the amalgamation of this de-curated show is an answer to this question. As identification, desire and expression expand so do our modes of communication, of connection. We seek to anthologize new ways that each answer points to new forms (questions) of articulation. Slanted House wants not to coincide the philosophical and the artistic but to waver that both fields construct each other. Every piece exhibited and word written create an encounter. A stab at new dimensions that we may not yet have the words for.

The geometric white spaces vibrating on the face of each wall refract their surrounding contents through your own narrative. Ideas melt into surfaces, transgressing from the conceptual to the tangible. Thereby the space and performance proposes a staircase of negative spaces, a series of dematerialized margins offering their void to you."

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