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April 16th, 2019

By Ruhi Parmar Amin


It has come to our attention that all you creative writers, editors, artists, poets and thinkers have a lot to say – more than just submitting to our annual, (hopefully soon to be biannual), Slanted House Zine! Now although the zine is a glorious, physical embodiment of beautifully mangled and poignantly prickly thoughts from far and wide, we feel that a more consistent and current flow of artworks and texts is what our Slanted House community needs in order to fully flourish and connect.

Therefore, we at Slanted House have decided to launch the Slanted House Blog.

This blog is completely fluid in terms of topics of discussion, articles, writing and even images of artworks. It can be an open dialogue between you and your mum about cooking food, a kinky poem scribbled down during a six-hour flight, a critical essay on Freud’s position in Viennese society or a series of paintings or photographs from your travels around the world. TAKE OVER THIS SPACE HOWEVER YOU WANT.

Feel free to send pitches to us at with the title ‘Blog Submission’, outlining the medium you would like your post to be in (i.e. photos, images of sculptures, musical clips, videos or written text etc.) and the direction you see the piece going in (250 words max is fine). Once we’ve read your pitch, we’ll get in contact with you and take it from there!

We would rather not solicit work for this part of our collective therefore we leave it entirely up to you, our followers, supporters and readers – make of this blog what you will. We are sure that it’s bound to grow and culminate into a cacophony of wondrous and thought-provoking pieces stemming from all corners of the globe.

We thank you all for your amazing support thus far and can’t wait to continue this journey with you!

Big love from The Slanted House Team


x x x x x

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